Long coats are badass.

Title: Iris
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
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And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

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capturedean's graphic challenge

↳Round 3, prompt → the moon

mirthfulcas vs. awestiles

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Did it ever occur to you that we don’t want to get in touch with our feelings? That feeling our feelings might make it impossible to survive in here?
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i ship me and money

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Never ignore coincidence. Unless, of course, you’re busy. In which case, always ignore coincidence.


She had last seen snow the day she’d left Winterfell. That was a lighter fall than this, she remembered. Robb had melting flakes in his hair when he hugged me, and the snowball Arya tried to make kept coming apart in her hands. It hurt to remember how happy she had been that morning. Hullen had helped her mount, and she’d ridden out with the snowflakes swirling around her, off to see the great wide world. I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done.

Sansa appreciation week » Day 3: favourite season/book →  A Storm of Swords


Love, Live, Love, Die. It’s a circle, Cas.

This was originally done for my composition class, but here you go.